Have you Struggled to Sell Your Home in the Past?


Putting The Past Behind You 

For some people, selling their home is an enormously easy process. For others the process takes far longer and can sometimes add stress to their lives that they just didn’t need. When your home doesn’t sell, so many different thoughts can go through your mind. Is the lack of a speedy sale your fault? Could you have done something different during any of the viewings? In this situation it is important not to blame yourself. If your home hasn’t sold, it hasn’t sold. That’s a fact and dwelling on the past will not make you feel any better and will do nothing to speed-up your home’s sale. What you can do is change your approach, market your home differently, and find that dream buyer you have waited for and deserved to find for such a long time. 

Several estate agents may have phoned you to ask whether you would consider putting your home back on the market. You may well have responded with a flat ‘no.’ However, it is important to ask these agents what they would do differently to sell your home, before hanging-up. If none of them mention bespoke marketing campaigns, then definitely put the phone down before the call racks up too much of a bill. This bespoke marketing will be key to finding you that elusive buyer. 

Rebranding Your Home 

Homes that have remained unsold for long periods of time can develop a negative reputation. By commissioning a customised logo, brochure and ‘For Sale’ sign as part of a total rebrand of your home, you can enjoy throwing this negative reputation in the bin. When we refer to ‘the bin,’ we don’t mean the recycling. There is no way that your home’s old reputation will re-emerge in any form after rebranding. Your memories of struggling to sell your home can be placed in the same filing cabinet in your mind as other things that are no longer relevant like VCRs, telephone directories and terrestrial television.  A new memory of quickly finding a buyer for your great home, at a price which fully reflects your home’s present and future value will come to dominate your experience of the housing market. 

Boosting Your Selling Price

This rebranding is so effective because it changes perceptions of your home. Instead of seeing your home as an old home that nobody is seriously interested in buying, people see a new stylish, exclusive home where many prospective buyers would love to live. Who doesn’t want to live in a home that has its own logo? The increased demand for the property then pushes up the selling price.

If you have not yet used bespoke marketing to sell your home, then you should definitely put your home back on the market to see how much it will glow in an exciting, glossy brochure.  You may be sick and tired of estate agents, and exhausted by the process of selling your home.


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