5 Reasons Why Creative Marketing Will Increase Your Home’s Selling Price


Great Branding Will Show Everyone How Outstanding Your Home Is

Everybody has scrolled through pages of properties for sale online. Everybody has also seen a standard, ordinary, possibly flaking for sale sign. Very often, these techniques are successful and result in a home sale. However, given how boring generic home marketing is, these homes rarely stand out and rarely sell for high prices. For that you need some magic. You need something which will leave any prospective buyer in absolutely no doubt that they are walking into a stylistic wonderland as soon as they step through your front door. 

That something has a name; home branding. This creative form of marketing will open your home to new and lucrative audiences. Here are 4 more reasons why property branding will boost your home’s selling price.

Boring Doesn’t Sell 

People want to buy homes which are special, which stand out, and which are like nothing else on the market. Imagine if your home had its own logo. Your abode would be one of the stand-outs on your street. If you send your kids to the local school, this logo will almost certainly get you a standing ovation at the next PTA meeting, from parents you wish that their homes had such great branding. Most importantly, this bespoke marketing will generate huge interest in buying your home. 

This interest is then capitalised on by advertising your home in premium quality, bespoke brochures. Turning page after page of the finest paper available, whilst they look at professionally shot pictures of your home will have prospective buyers imagining themselves living there, before their offer has even been accepted. Even homes which have been on the market for many months can see a resurgence in viewing enquiries, simply as a result of some more creative marketing. The main advantage here in terms of your home’s selling price is that competitive bidding from multiple prospective buyers will see the selling price of your home rise and rise, until the final price exceeds your expectations considerably. 

You’re Selling An Idea, Not Just Bricks And Mortar 

Would you ask to buy a brick from a building site to keep as a souvenir? Most likely, you wouldn’t. This would seem absurd as the brick holds no sentimental value to you. People buy homes because they mean something to them. Whether a prospective buyer wants to buy into an idea of luxury, find a place where they would like to see their kids grow up, or to find an accessible home which meets their needs in retirement, the home that they eventually buy will be the home that matches the dreams they had about their new home better than anything else for sale in that area. 

A Professionally Written Brochure Is Key To Unlocking Sales

Therefore, the narrative which runs alongside the pictures in our brochure is professionally written, so that the story of your home is told in a way which captures the imaginations of prospective buyers. Presenting your home as a buyer’s dream will increase demand for your home. Ideally viewings will then act as confirmations of decisions to make an offer for your home which buyers made after reading your custom brochure.  


Branding Will Give Your Home A Legacy  

Millions of people around the world associate Christmas with Santa Claus, and then associate Santa Claus with Coca-Cola. This is due to one of the most effective branding campaigns in history. Although on a smaller scale, once its brand has been established, your home’s brand can continue developing for generations to come. The concept is to present the home as somewhere in which only one chosen buyer will have the privilege of living.


You have the opportunity to cash in on this demand, by selling to the highest bidder. 

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