Why The Idea Of A ‘Best Time’ To Sell Your Home Is A Myth


Common belief is that there are good and bad times to sell your home. Your neighbour whose home is still unsold, was told that they didn’t find a buyer because they put it on the market in November. Summer seems a far better time to sell a home. That is, until your other neighbour puts their home on the market in July and doesn’t sell either. Different seasons affect leaf fall. They don’t affect home sales. If homes aren’t selling, it is often because their marketing is not showing-off their best attributes. 


If a prospective buyer becomes enchanted with the idea of living in a new home, they will come through rain, sleet and snow to view it and make an offer before someone else does. Great marketing will sell your home in a snowstorm.

How To Stage Your Home For Every Season 

Of course, you can make sure that the marketing of your home reflects the season you are selling in.


For example, in winter you can accompany your property listings with pictures of cocoa in front of a warm fireplace. Stockings on mantle pieces always go down a treat, as do Christmas trees. Definitely make your tree decorations as outlandish as possible. Nobody wants to see a shrub and a mince pie. People want to see baubles, lights and tinsel, preferably in complementary colours. Often people will wrap some blue tinsel around their trees, and then throw some yellow tinsel on, followed by some pink tinsel. Although these trees are often part of fantastic family photos, please use a colour scheme for pictures you include in your home’s marketing materials. A mixture of white and red tinsel is a classic combo. If you make buyers feel as though they will be stepping into a winter wonderland on walking through your front door, you’ve already partially convinced them that they would enjoy living their long-term. 

In summer, pictures including bright colours and light will do wonders for your home’s sale. Oranges give pictures extra flavour in Spring, and pictures of you looking out of your spacious living room and marvellously sized windows onto a landscape of leaves and conkers will capture the mood in Autumn. 

Sales Always Happen For A Reason, Regardless Of The Season

The important point here is that nothing about selling a home comes down to chance. Like in life, everything in this market happens for a reason.


At least 90% of the time, that reason involves marketing. During my long career as an estate agent, I’ve been told story after story of homeowners despairing after consecutive viewings of their property had come and gone, and weeks later, they were still waiting for someone to make an offer which matched their valuation of their home. These people attribute their difficulty in selling so-called ‘best’ and ‘worst’ seasons to market homes.


Here at Amity, we have sold homes for more than their asking price in all seasons, through rain, wind and shine. You could put this down to luck. Or you could put it down to the innovative and sensitive bespoke marketing campaigns which we create for every one of our clients.


Which do you think is the more likely reason for our multi-seasonal sales? 

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